What is a Ravelco

Ravelco is an Anti-Theft device for your car or truck with an undefeated 40 year history. The Ravelco disables your engine to two ways so that only the 16-pin security plug that you carry on your keychain will allow the auto to start and run. Hard wires run from your passenger compartment to your engine to make the connections and disable the engine. The Raveclo is not powered by the auto battery so pulling battery cables does not defeat it. It does not use GPS so it cannot be jammed. It does not use a radio signal so it cannot be copied or jammed. There is no master plug. Your one-of-a-kind 16-pin security plug, plus your key is the ONLY means by which your auto will start and run. You will never be the victim of car theft with a Ravelco. Get peace of mind with a Ravelco.

Lasts the Lifetime of your auto
No False Alarms
No monthly charges or extra fees
Never Any Maintainance

You Receive Two 16-pin Security Plugs
More plugs can be ordered from the Home Office

Compatable with All Factory Installed Alarms
Compatable with All After-Market Alarms

Does NOT interfere with your Automobile Warranty

Can't Start It - Can't Steal It

Why Ravelco is Superior

Ravelco is superior for two reasons: 1) The Ravelco is effective. Other devices may seem fancy but they have weaknesses that can be exploited. Car alarms require that you be in proximity to your car. Plus, car alarms require a response which can involve dangerous confrontations. GPS trackers can be easily jammed with devices purchased on the internet. A Ravelco cannot be defeated. It is hard wired protection. 2) The Ravelco is a simple and elegant design. It requires no batteries. It does not have to be reset or reprogrammed. Take out the 16-pin plug, hook it to your keyring, and you have undefeated anti-theft protection.

Our Engine-Lock Team


Installation is done by an authorized Dealer-Installer. Please call for an appointment. The Ravelco unit is first placed under the dash near the stearing wheel. Normally, no intrusive cuts in the dash are necessary for installation. Cabled wires from the Unit are then run through the firewall and into the engine compartment. Once connections are made in the engine compartment, all Ravelco wiring and fittings look exactly like factory wiring.


San Antonio Policeman

SAPD Officer Martin “I have seen many types of anti theft devices in the stolen vehicles I have come across while working on the Burglury Vehicle Task Force in San Antonio. That’s why I have a Ravelco installed in my personal vehicle. Ravelco works!”

  • January 2015
  • Performance Pickup Professional

    I have a Ravelco on several of my personal trucks. This is a serious product for serious truck owners...Rick.

  • December 2014
  • Restoration Enthusiast

    I spent several years restoring my Dad's 78 F250. I would not let him drive it until we installed a Ravelco...Jeff S.

  • November 2014
  • Pricing

    Single Installation

    Single Installation
    • Single Installation Pickup or Car
    • Three Hour Installation
    • Two 16-pin Plugs Included
    • Push Release Keychain Included
    • Credit, Cash or Check Accepted
    • Schedule Now
    • 210 522-1122

    Big Rig and Heavy Equipment

    Big Rig or Heavy Equipment
    • Single Big Rig Installation
    • Two 16-pin Plugs Included
    • Push Release Keychain Included
    • Credit, Cash or Check Accepted
    • Schedule Now
    • 210 522-1122

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